Finding the Right Place to Propose

Figuring out the timing for when you want to propose to your significant other is important. However, you’ll also want to figure out exactly where you are going to propose to them at as it will be a memorable moment for life that you don’t want to ruin in any way. Consider these proposal ideas for where you are looking to propose to your significant other at.

First Date

No matter where you grew up, you should have a fond memory of the first place you and your significant other went on a date at. This place could be a restaurant or a park that you two hung out at and it would be a great place for you to propose at. Once you have the area where you had your first date in mind, think about contacting your mutual friends that have been with you guys since the start since you can create a whole party out of your proposal. Think about proposing where you had your first date if you want to roll everything back to the start.

Theme Parks

Whether your significant other has interest in the Harry Potter series or likes Disney characters, you can find a theme park that meets your other significant other interests. While theme parks might not seem like they are as romantic as going to a traditional restaurant, for example, you can have a great day filled with fun at a theme park along with being able to cap the night off with a proposal. Additionally, theme parks typically have a firework show at the end of every night so it can create an explosive background to any proposal pictures that you are looking to get. Consider proposing in a theme park when you want to have a day filled with fun.


Many cities are known internationally for romance with Paris being on top of many people’s list. The reasons why Paris is known for romance so much is due to the rich history that influences the couples that live in the city today, whether you’re looking for art or the large amounts of French cuisine you can try in many of the city’s most applauded restaurants. If you go to Paris, plan on multiple days in which you’ll be able to visit many important sites of the cities such as the Louvre Museum or the Arc de Triomphe. Your plans should give you a great amount of bonding time in which you’ll be able to plan for where you want to have your proposal, possibly at another landmark like the Eiffel Tower. Strongly think about proposing in Paris when you want a unique area of the world known for romance.


If you live in the United States you may think of California as the state in which you would hang out in big cities such as Los Angeles or San Francisco. However, the state has many different types of natural attractions that can make it a great place to travel to when you are looking to propose. Through the state you can go to the countless number of beaches which can give you great sights of sea life and the natural surroundings that make beaches so desirable. Additionally, California is known for their sprawling mountains in the northern part of the state so think about traveling north when you are looking to go on a hike during the summer or have fun snowboarding during the wintertime. No matter where you go in California, you can have a great time with your significant other which would lead you to propose there.

All of these ideas are just a taste of what you can do when you propose to your significant other. Make sure that you both know the types of places that you’d like to visit together as you don’t want to go anywhere that one of you hates. By planning on a great day out or a trip somewhere new, you’ll have a great proposal ahead of you.

Source: ArticleCube