Empowering the Underserved: How Super’s Innovative Products Help 100 Million+ Consumers Save More

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 23, 2023 / Traveling can be a wonderful experience, but it can also come at a high cost. For many people, going on a vacation or even an overnight trip to help friends or family members going through a health crisis is a luxury that they cannot always afford. The need to save money becomes crucial when it comes to planning a trip, whether it is a short weekend getaway to visit family or a longer vacation to relax and decompress.

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However, income restraints don’t mean that people should have to compromise on their travel dreams. By exploring options such as budget-friendly accommodations, finding deals and discounts, and using cashback and rewards programs, individuals can make their travel aspirations more attainable. With the right planning and approach, anyone can find a balance between value and the joy of traveling.

The majority of people booking with SuperTravel are taking frequent, local road trips at affordable rates at 2-star hotels. Our customers not only want to save money, they need to do so. This is due to the shift in the marketplace caused by the pandemic, inflation, rising gas prices, and income inequality. Many people who cannot get a premium rewards credit card are left out of earning rewards, discounts, and cashback on bookings.

Some companies cater to a premium customer base that can afford the high minimum spend requirements to earn rewards points and annual card fees. However, this can make it difficult for consumers who are in need of saving money to access these rewards and benefits, resulting in them paying higher rates on everything they buy. Other cashback sites may attract customers who enjoy saving money, but do not necessarily need to, and may only offer small cash back percentages that are paid out after a long wait and a minimum spend threshold has been reached.

Super offers a solution to this problem with its value proposition, which includes up to 50% off travel, 30% off tech, shopping, and home goods. Additionally, the SuperCash card offers an additional 10% off SuperTravel and an additional 5% off SuperShop, as well as 2% cashback everywhere else, without the need for a credit check. These offers are tailored to the specific needs of the customers, including building their credit score as they shop.

The vision for the company’s initial product was to create a conversational User Interface for booking travel and hotel deals. As the company scaled and amassed millions of customers, it became clear that our customers were in need of savings in all facets of life, not just travel. This led to the expansion of our mission to build a new way to shop that maximizes savings, benefits, and rewards using a mobile device.

Today, Super includes three verticals: SuperTravel, SuperShop, and SuperCash, offering an optimized user experience for their target market of underserved consumers. Super aims to empower these consumers by helping them spend less money and save more, similar to what Amex does for its premium customer base. The Super app allows users to save money on travel and shopping, use SuperCash (without a credit score) to get 2-10% extra cashback, and build credit with everyday purchases for free.

Super understands that their customers are busy and highly budget-conscious, thus, their messaging must be clear and memorable. The company has conducted A/B testing experiments to validate this strategy. To promote their core value proposition, Super initially published the offering in a smaller font with additional text, but found that customers did not retain or remember the value proposition. To fix the issue, they now use a larger font to make the message crystal clear to customers at first glance, resulting in a 100% lift in signups.

Additionally, Super focuses on staying focused on a singular user intent or pain point to help customers solve their current problem as quickly and easily as possible. They used to do more cross-selling, but have learned that it leads to customer confusion and decided to focus on solving the user’s first problem.

The company also respects the natural uses of their products. For example, travel app users might make a booking annually or semi-annually, ecommerce customers might make a purchase quarterly or monthly, and the same person might use their wallet daily or weekly. To increase retention, Super prioritizes their time to work on influencing behaviors that naturally have higher usage and retention rates and align with the natural use cases of each product.

As they test new initiatives and processes in the future, they will look at user data and customer feedback to learn what works and what doesn’t. Then will iterate and build upon it to continuously support our company’s mission and core value propositions.

“We will also continue to make those value propositions clear to our customers, so they can spend more efficiently and live a Super life, regardless of their income.We created Super to be both the merchant and the wallet, so we can serve customers from the point of purchase through the card payment. We also control the pricing and experience, allowing us to offer deeper, upfront discounts and monetize in different ways, whether we’re selling directly through hotel bookings, an e-commerce marketplace, or an interchange.” Henry Shi.

Super is just getting started, and there’s been incredible energy around our new Super rebrand and product integration. They have even more exciting plans to help our customers thrive in today’s economy and in the future. If you’re interested in learning more about the mission and vision for Super, please leave a comment or feel free to reach out to me directly.

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Super is a technology company at the intersection of fintech and commerce that empowers users to spend less, save more, and build credit – so they can make the most of life. Super is home to the best prices on everything – from discounted everyday items to great hotel deals – and it’s the hub that enables rich cashback and credit building on every transaction. Super’s product offerings include SuperCash, SuperTravel, and SuperShop.

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