Easy Ways to Make Your Neighborhood More Nature-Friendly

More and more people are becoming interested in living in a greener way. That means that they are increasingly open to getting involved in community projects that are designed to make your neighborhood more environmentally friendly. Here are just a few suggestions of ways you can encourage this and get more involved.

Stop people dumping rubbish in your area

Keeping your neighborhood as clean and tidy as possible is important. It helps people to take pride in where they live. This, in turn, makes it more likely that they will want to get involved in improving things. Simple things like buying a no dumping sign from mysecuritysign and putting it up can make a huge difference.

Once people start leaving rubbish in your area, things can soon get out of hand. The rubbish builds up and more vandalism occurs. The more homes that have no dumping signs up the better it is for the neighborhood overall. It sends a strong message to would-be fly-tippers. Seeing several signs makes them aware that people in the area are on the lookout for dumpers and have the mentality to call the authorities if they see them.

Ask for vacant lots to be greened

If there are any vacant lots in your area, petition to have them turned into temporary green spaces. Studies show that people are far less likely to dump their rubbish in a community garden or allotment.

Doing this does not mean that the lot will never be built on and developed. But it does keep the neighborhood tidy and provide a haven for wildlife until the area is built on. Provided they are not expected to pay for the upkeep of the green space, quite a few landowners will go along with the arrangement.

Encourage everyone to plant a tree

Trees are really good for the environment. Each mature tree can produce up to 260 pounds of oxygen and remove between 35 and 800 pounds of harmful substances like carbon dioxide from the air. So, planting a couple of trees on your property and encouraging your neighbors to do the same can make a huge difference. Even something relatively small, like a fruit tree, can help. These have the added benefit of helping the homeowner to save money on their grocery bill.

Give away cuttings

A lot of people would like to plant more flowers and shrubs in their gardens, but cannot afford to do so. Giving them cuttings is a good way to help them to get past this issue.

Replace your fences with hedges

Planting a hedge can have a really positive impact. The fact they are at ground level means that they can trap the toxins that sit low down. So, they are great at trapping exhaust fumes. They create an effective barrier between your home and the worst of the pollutants produced by the road. Once your neighbors understand this, the chances are they will want to plant their own hedges.

If you plant gooseberry, blueberry or blackberry bushes you will benefit from having fresh soft fruits to enjoy. Raspberry canes can also be planted as a hedge. Thorny brambles can be used too. They are very good at keeping thieves out. But, it is really easy for them to get out of control, so you need to think carefully before planting them.

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