EarlyBirds Helping Organizations Getting Ready for the Metaverse

EarlyBirds, an Australian company that has developed a global open innovation ecosystem that provides a way for early adopters, innovators, and subject matter experts (SMEs) to work together to accelerate technology advancement and adoption in an organisation, wants to point out that they can help organisations get ready for the metaverse and benefit from the vast opportunity that it offers to businesses in the future. While interested parties still can’t agree on a single definition for the metaverse, marketers are seeing an opportunity to interact with consumers in brand new ways while pushing brand innovations and their internal capabilities in new and unexplored directions. Organisations interested in adapting new technologies are encouraged to become early adopters in the EarlyBirds platform. More information can be gleaned about this from image

Those who are interested in the metaverse do not have a single definition for this opportunity in the future but there are some common elements that can provide some insight on what the metaverse is. First of all, it is something that spans both the physical worlds and the virtual worlds that are made available through the use of virtual-reality or augmented-reality technology. It goes beyond the current VR and AR systems by creating a seamless connection between the physical and virtual worlds, complete with a fully functioning economy that includes digital goods, cryptocurrency, and assets like nonfungible tokens (NFTs). It allows people to adopt virtual identities and interact with both entities of the real world and virtual world, using peer-to-peer transactions, user-generated content, and “world-building.”

With the lines between the physical and virtual worlds blurred, the metaverse offers huge opportunities for marketers as they are faced with a brand new array of innovative ways to engage with consumers and offer a wider range of products and services as the metaverse economy gets developed. While there is a need to exercise some caution with the promises offered by the metaverse, there is also a need to be prepared so that one’s organisation will not be left behind in taking advantage of the vast opportunities offered by this development. It offers new revenue opportunities including productivity improvement in various industries, such as retail, production and design, 3D analytics, virtual tours, product demos, and more.

The metaverse is also expected to play a huge role in design and manufacture as demonstrated by Boeing’s announcement that it plans to create a digital world for the design of new airplanes. The company’s Chief Engineer, Greg Hyslop, has pointed out that 70 percent of quality issues originate from the design process and that a 3D immersive environment with robots communicating with each other and mechanics communicating using HaloLens headsets from Microsoft, they may be able to enhance the design process substantially.

Technology innovators, who are expected to play a big role in the development of the metaverse can take part in this vast undertaking while also finding potential customers by participating in the EarlyBirds marketplace. Together with early adopters and SMEs, they can collaborate and put their minds together on finding ways to benefit from the metaverse. They can check this out at

The EarlyBirds open innovation ecosystem has is award winning global open innovations ecosystem platform with over 4 million innovators and two innovations enabling programs. One is the Explorer program that is intended to speed up the technological innovation process for the whole organisation as a service. The Explorer program has several important features, such as: weekly webinars to help stimulate innovation in the organisation; quarterly and monthly innovation days; a nominated SME for the business; a focus on specific types of innovations; and a platform enterprise license. The other part is the Challenger program, which is designed for organisations who want to concentrate on a single specific issue at a time. EarlyBirds also has the Edzility framework that can help organisations with their efforts for continuous improvement for the purpose of improving their competitive edge and organisational agility.

People who are interested in getting more details about the Early Birds Marketplace and how they can help organisations to prepare for the opportunities that the metaverse can bring can check out the EarlyBirds website at


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