Doing Good for Your Body and Your Planet Now Possible With HelloYogaWorld

Salt Lake City, Utah ( Wednesday Jul 27, 2022 @ 11:15 AM Central —

HelloYogaWorld, a global community of yoga practitioners, enthusiasts, and studio owners has announced a new rewards program for Yoga World NFT Passport owners.

Members purchase (mint) a Yoga World NFT (Non-fungible token) Passport for 1.08 Solana in their Phantom Wallet app to participate in the rewards program. The utility NFT is a one-of-a-kind digital asset that can only have one official owner at a time. Owners receive privileges, rights, and rewards that they would not otherwise be able to access, including participation in a global yoga community and real-life, virtual, and “vicarious” events like the monthly “Global Yoga Flow” and online meditations.

By attending the live or recorded events, NFT Passport holders earn digital eSTAMPS airdropped to their crypto wallets known as POAPs or eSTAMPs. After fully minting out their collection, those who do substantial good things for the health of their body and planet over a sustained period can win grander awards such as all-expenses-paid Yoga or Meditation retreats.

Discounts to HelloYogaWorld and partner brand merchandise, IRL Yoga Experiences, and IRL Travel Experiences are also available to members, as well as all the member benefits to be rolled out in the coming months and years.

“Yoga World NFT Passport holders are proactively making a conscious decision to be globally interconnected while awakening their healthiest selves, the health of others, and the health of the planet,” says Kelsie Leonhardt, founder of the Yoga World NFT Passport. “The utilities include ways to maximize the little bit of time available in one’s busy life to cultivate the best, healthiest version of oneself in body and mind and to improve the environment.

The Yoga World NFT Passport was designed by Tina Rose and employs unique elements from yoga and sacred geometry. “HelloYogaWorld unites people from all over the world to share and expand their knowledge of Yoga while learning about different cultures, belief systems, points of view, and ways of living,” says Tina Rose. “Travel is one way, but we can also use technology to meet more people, connect, and learn from one another. I created a passport image for the NFT because it aligns with our vision and mission, which is the heart of the project. We hope to foster global connections that are agents of change for humanity and our planet.”

About HelloYogaWorld

HelloYogaWorld harnesses the power of community with 11,111 yoga enthusiasts combining ancient wisdom with crypto-economics to elevate human consciousness and regenerate our Mother Earth. HelloYogaWorld combines the values of yoga with Web3 and is among the first to develop a yogic NFT. Discover HelloYogaWorld on Discord as well as our other social platforms. Be a part of the evolution of our planet. Learn more at

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