Discover the Midlands in 2021

UK holiday makers have been able to breathe a collective sigh of relief in the last few weeks as it looks like we are on the road out of restrictions from Covid. We still have a long way to go before things get fully back to normal, but there has been some optimism amongst those who are in need of a change of scene., The last year has been tough on everyone, and it is expected that there will be a holiday boom when the summer comes around.

Progress on rolling out the vaccinations has been steady, but it will probably be some time before we see the usual package holidays to the likes of Spain, Italy, and France taking off again. Many Brits are looking closer to home this summer, and we might see a rise in the Great British Staycation, similar to last summer when restrictions were a little looser. We can expect the tourist traps to be very busy, so we’re looking at the Midlands as a staycation destination for 2021.

Underrated England

As we stated above, when restrictions are lifted across the UK, we can expect holiday homes and hotels to be booked up all across the UK’s popular destinations. Places like Oxford, Edinburgh, Cornwall, the Lake District, and Skye will expect an influx of domestic tourists to balance out the lack of people who have traveled from overseas. That’s why we want to recommend the Midlands as a place to try if you’re going to keep yourself from being caught in a throng of holidaymakers.

The Great Outdoors

When people think of an outdoor holiday in England, the Lake District or Yorkshire might be one of the first destinations to spring to mind. The Midlands has loads of places that are considered Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty that are well worth checking out, especially if you feel like you’re in need of some open spaces and countryside. Be sure to take a trip to the Shropshire Hills to the West of Birmingham to see what’s on offer.

Top Tourist Attractions

If you like to take in the big tourist attractions of an area that you go to, you’ll see that there is plenty to check out when you visit. While they have been closed for the last year, we can soon expect the doors to open in places like Drayton Manor and Cadbury World. If you would rather something a little more connected to the culture of the locale, then the Black Country Living Museum will give you a connection to the past. The open-air attraction is also a filming location for the popular BBC drama Peaky Blinders.

Optional City Break

Getting out into the countryside isn’t for everyone. Many of us are hoping to take a pleasant city break once the opportunity presents itself. Birmingham might not be the first place to spring to mind, but the city has an unfair reputation as an industrial centre. The reality is that Birmingham has transformed itself in recent decades and is more of a centre of culture and shopping than you might give it credit for. Check out some of the local area guides to find out more.

Towns to Visit

As well as the cities, there are some great towns across the Midlands that lend themselves well to a home base for a staycation. The town of Royal Sutton Coldfield is a perfect choice as it is close enough to Birmingham to be easily accessible but isn’t swallowed by the urban landscape. You’ll also find The Belfry Hotel here, offering great opportunities to take a break with the whole family.

We hope today’s article has opened your eyes to the holiday trips you could take to the Midlands and why it should be on your bucket list as UK travel restrictions are lifted!

Source: ArticleCube