ClevGuard: Available for Tracking Someone’s Activity on TikTok and YouTube

ClevGuard announced the launch of KidsGuard Pro for Android V4.2.1. The latest version of KidsGuard Pro comes with some new features that allow the user to track the YouTube and TikTok activities of the target phone.

ClevGuard, one of the leaders in developing monitoring and tracking software, announced the launch of KidsGuard Pro for Android V4.2.1. The latest version of this app comes with some new exciting features that allow the user to track the target user’s YouTube and TikTok activities.

KidsGuard Pro has been one the most trustworthy monitoring and tracking apps that has been serving the user for decades. With its advanced features, users can keep full track of the target user’s mobile activities from text media files to messages, calls, social media activities, and browsing history. Users can also track real-time location as well as mark specific areas with advanced features like geofencing.

Since the beginning, they have kept updating the app with modern features and improving the bugs. In previous versions, they added the features like keyword alarm, screen recording, and surround recording. With the help of these features, users can listen to and record the surrounding environment of the target mobile. In this version, they added the following features:

Monitor YouTube

Users can track the search and watch the history of YouTube on target mobile. They can see the detailed summary of all the videos target users watched and searched on YouTube with information like time, date, and link to that video.

Monitor TikTok

This feature allows the user to monitor TikTok activities. They can see all the videos that the target user has viewed on TikTok.

Set Risky Keywords on YouTube & TikTok

With this users can set up to 15 risky keywords on the target user’s mobile phone. The app will check all the searches on YouTube and TikTok against these keywords and alert the user if found anyone.

In addition, they have also fixed some bugs to improve the user experience with the app. Now users can enjoy the monitoring with more ease and reliability.

So, if you want to keep your child or loved one safe from cyberbullying and watching forbidden content, download KidsGuard Pro on their mobile and track their activities.

For more updates and news about KidsGuard Pro, please visit ClevGuard.

Source: Digital Journal