Chicago Website Design SEO Company Has Been at the Top of SEO Keywords in Chicago for the Past 12 Years

Chicago Website Design SEO Company (CWDSC), a search engine marketing agency, is proud to announce that CWDSC has been at the top of search engine optimization keywords in Chicago for the past 12 years. This means there is a lot of interest about the digital marketing agency that also also provides web design, lead generation and reputation management services. They offer done for you (DFY) small business websites. However, they are unlike the web designer that creates websites that are customized based on what the client believes is trendy and cool. Instead, CWDSC develops websites that are custom-fitted based what are the company’s prospective clientele based on the keyword research that they perform. Thus, both their web designers and writers work together but only after they have received a comprehensive competitive analysis.

It is important to note that websites designed without using metrics or keywords as a guide are likely to fail to connect with site visitors. This will result into a high click through rate, which indicates to Google that the website is not the best result for that particular keyword which then reduces the rankings of the site, which has negative consequences for the business. What they aim for is to have a responsive website, which means that the website will also be displayed properly on smaller devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Those who would like to about developments regarding the digital marketing company can check out the CWDSC press releases.

And through their lead generation services, they develop sales lead generating machines for their clients. Their services are essential because they help a company to increase sales. The issue is that clients are frequently confused on which company to trust. CWDSC has developed a reputation of being a trustworthy company in the Midwest and they construct lead generation systems from scratch, and offer a range of services, including: content writing; lead funnel; search engine optimization; website design; reputation building; pay-per-click set up and management; and email sequence writing.

Meanwhile, online reputation management is also important because having a good reputation online for a company or a high-profile person is necessary for business. For a business or a business person, if a potential client discovers negative comments or reviews, they will likely avoid doing business with the company. With the reputation management services of CWDSC, people who are doing a search will find positive comments and reviews regarding the company and potential customers will likely trust the company and be willing to do business.

Whether the business or high-profile individual is dealing with negative press coverage, negative reviews, or a crisis that is tarnishing their image, the reputation management team from CWDSC may be able to help. Their speciality is presenting the client’s image to the target audience professionally. The will do this by addressing the various factors contributing to the reputation of a business or individual.

And it is important to note that what is online about a person or business will be there forever. Properly managing the info about the person or business that is available online is therefore essential. And even if one’s social media accounts have been set to private or are locked down, those who have access to the post would be able to save them and then share them with other people. And having a negative review on key review sites can be really damaging to one’s reputation, which is why online reputation management is essential.

Founded in 2008 by Jack Lombardi, CWDSC has developed into one of the premier search engine optimization companies in Chicago and other major cities in the country. While its headquarters is located in Chicago, it has branches in seven other major cities and offers their services to 76 towns. The company has four full-time workers, each one a specialist in their work and their combined work experience is over 25 years.

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