Burt Brothers Tire and Service Responds to Growing Customer Demand for Specialty EV Tires

An independently owned and operated chain of tire shops in Utah stocks a diverse inventory of electric vehicle tires to meet increasing demand from Utah drivers adopting these cleaner cars and trucks.

The largest independently owned and operated chain of tire shops along Utah’s Wasatch Front, Burt Brothers Tire and Service has continued to diversify its inventory to provide for the ever-changing needs of its customers. With Teslas on every corner and well-known car manufacturers like Ford producing more electric vehicles (EVs), demand for tires for these cars is also growing. For over 30 years, Burt Brothers has provided the right tire for the job. Keeping their customer’s electric vehicles driving safely on the road has led them to stock a diverse inventory of specialty EV tires.

Founded in Bountiful in 1991, Burt Brothers Tire and Service adopted the motto, “Doing it Better.” Although the second generation of the Burt family now leads the business, they still adhere to this standard. Treating customers like family and seeking new and better ways to serve their customers and community has allowed the Burt Brothers to expand the business to include 14 Utah tire shop locations along the Wasatch Front.

With Utah residents driving more electric vehicles than ever before, the Burt Brothers recognized the need to provide tires to stand up to the unique conditions created by electric engines.

“Many consumers don’t know their tires are engineered especially for their electric vehicles when they come in,” remarked Jake Burt, co-owner of Burt Brothers Tire and Service. “They are seeing sticker shock when they have to replace their tires much sooner than anticipated. The truth is that electric and gas vehicles are very different, and those differences affect the operation and lifespan of the tires. Our technicians strive to educate customers visiting our Salt Lake City or Park City tire stores about their new EV and help fit them with the best tire.”

According to Burt, four unique qualities of electric vehicles directly impact the tire wear and the type of tire required for a safe and comfortable ride.

  1. Higher Torque – Electric vehicles run at full torque from initial acceleration, which causes the tires to wear more quickly.
  2. Heavier Body – The rechargeable battery in an EV makes it 25-30% heavier than a similarly sized gas vehicle putting extra strain on the tire.
  3. Quieter Running – Electric engines are much quieter, making tire noise more noticeable. Thus, most EV tires have built-in foam sound dampening.
  4. Power Generation – Powered by electrical charge, electric vehicles need tires with reduced rolling resistance to maximize their driving distance.

In addition to their wide selection of EV tires for the electric vehicles on Utah’s roads, Burt Brothers stocks a wide variety of traditional tires from brands such as Bridgestone, Firestone, Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, Michelin, BFGoodrich, Toyo, and Hankook. Their direct relationships with major tire manufacturers allow them to deliver great pricing on brand-name tires.

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About Burt Brothers Tire & Service

Burt Brothers Tire and Service meets customer needs at several convenient locations for auto repair in Utah. For more than two decades, they have offered Utah drivers outstanding customer service at unbeatable prices. They specialize in complete bumper-to-bumper service, including free flat tire repairs, tire rotation and balancing, wheel alignments, and oil change services.

Source: Digital Journal