Brisbane Conveyancing Firm Extends A Hand To First Home Buyers

Brisbane, QLD based LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane is pleased to offer their expertise in property conveyance to home buyers in the Greater Brisbane area and beyond. The team has supported numerous clients over the years, and they now have a comprehensive understanding of what everyone in their community is looking for, from first time home buyers to those already experienced with real estate acquisitions.

LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane states that they are particularly interested in helping new homeowners, given that they are more likely to be unfamiliar with this aspect of the industry (among others). As such, they say it is important for anyone considering the purchase of their first home to start by learning what property conveyance is and why they would benefit from an expert’s assistance.

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Briefly, the company explains that conveyancing refers to the legal transfer of a property from one owner to another. In virtually all cases, a conveyancing solicitor or licensed conveyancer will support the buyer, ensuring that the latter receives the title deeds to the property (as well as the land it occupies). The solicitor will act to fulfil all the legal and administrative work required to bring the purchase of the home in compliance with all relevant laws. See more LEAD Conveyanving Brisbane reviews here.

LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane acknowledges that it is in fact possible for a home buyer to enter and complete the conveyancing process by themselves, and there is no legal requirement for them to use a solicitor if they do not wish to do so. However, given the complexity of the legal tasks involved, this is not recommended for those who do not already have a wealth of experience engaging with the system.

As a QLD registered firm, LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane can guide a client through the entirety of the process and ensure their contracts are always in order. Further, the company’s strong commitment to their client incentivises them to share advice on any contract, even going so far as to explain any terminology they may not understand. This service is highly personalised, and a client can always expect their representative from LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane to factor in all their preferences and needs when making a recommendation or pursuing any troubleshooting action. This attention to detail is crucial, the company says, and it is part of what makes their team invaluable to every client who turns to them for help.

“Kristy Fletcher and the team at Lead Conveyancing have been fabulous to work with,” says a glowing Google review from a customer who worked with the company recently. “From the moment we engaged their services, they were friendly, professional and very knowledgeable in all areas of property conveyancing and more. Their communication skills were outstanding, always keeping us informed of the progress, and when we didn’t understand some of it, they were happy to explain. Thank you for working so tirelessly and making the settlement process very smooth. We highly recommend Kristy and the team at Lead Conveyancing.”

Another review commends the team for being the sole point of the home buying process in which they felt comfortable and at ease, particularly given that they faced many challenges with the other aspects of their purchase. The review says, “Kristy was amazing from day 1. Everything required from her was explained to a point I was never confused. Kristy always took the time to respond to my questions, I was never left wondering what was happening. To be honest, the land buying process caused me so much stress when it came to my broker and bank, but Kristy was the one part of the process that always went smoothly. Can’t thank her enough.”

A glance at the other reviews on this page indicate that this experience is universally shared among the company’s clientele. LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane strives to position itself as the premier conveyancing firm in the region, and this is often reflected in their community feedback and volume of word-of-mouth referrals. See more here:

Clients are welcome to contact Kristy Fletcher of LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane if they are in the market for a new home. The team looks forward to helping first time buyers achieve their dreams.


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