Beyond Indigo Pets Launches VetMarketingTalk to Drive Connection in the Veterinary Industry

HANOVER, Minn. – July 29, 2022 – (

Veterinary marketing company Beyond Indigo Pets proudly expands their portfolio of industry-leading marketing plans, data dashboard, and custom websites, with the launch of VetMarketingTalk, a new online forum tailored to building connections within the veterinary industry, discussing industry trends, and empowering veterinary professionals looking for DIY marketing solutions.

VetMarketingTalk enables veterinary professionals to connect with similarly-focused individuals from across the country in topic-oriented clubs, as well as participate in forum discussions with qualified Beyond Indigo Pets veterinary marketing experts on topics such search engine optimization, strategies to use to connect with lapsing clients, marketing toward existing customers, how to generate better engagement with your website and social media content, and more.

“This is a specialized industry that requires nuanced strategies to effectively grow. Some clients prefer a do-it-yourself approach instead of utilizing our comprehensive custom marketing solutions. Without the marketing expertise, however, they often ask: ‘how do I grow my Facebook page?‘, ‘why don’t I show up in search results?‘, ‘new customers aren’t finding me—help!‘ With VetMarketingTalk, our marketing team can put those answers into an accessible forum to help jumpstart the conversations, and enable like-minded veterinary professionals to share their own experiences, too,” says Elyse Philips, Director of People and Process for Beyond Indigo Pets. 

VetMarketingTalk integrates expert marketing advice into the discussion platform, helping self-motivated veterinary professionals initiate their own marketing strategies by asking questions and getting specific guidance on how to tackle their marketing.

For Beyond Indigo Pets CEO and founder Kelly Baltzell, VetMarketingTalk is a way to empower the veterinary space: “We’ve all seen firsthand the breakdown of connections the last few years. Now with inflation and recession conversations taking place, it’s time to lean in together to find creative solutions and rebuild a sense of community. VetMarketingTalk is doing this specifically for the veterinary and marketing space: find practices similar to yours across the country and compare notes; learn from more experienced veterinarians as you are setting up your first practice. What makes VetMarketingTalk different from any other online platform is the added engagement of Beyond Indigo Pets’ marketing experts: you have questions about veterinary marketing, and our team points you in the direction for solving critical veterinary marketing problems.”

VetMarketingTalk is available to individuals across the veterinary industry from veterinarians and technicians to practice managers, hospital owners, association members, students, and more. Click here to sign up today and get your first month free.

Veterinary marketing agency Beyond Indigo Pets develops custom branding, websites, marketing plans, blog content, and more to help grow veterinary businesses. The company provides coordinated veterinarian marketing—from creating custom veterinary websites to implementing robust marketing strategies and plans. Their expansive industry knowledge and 25+ years of marketing experience help veterinary practices grow their business and provide veterinarians with the freedom to focus on what they love most—caring for pets and helping pet parents feel confident in their veterinary choices.

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Beyond Indigo Pets Launches VetMarketingTalk to Drive Connection in the Veterinary Industry

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