Author Dr. Tania Wiseman’s New Audiobook ‘Dragon Slayers’ is a Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Satan’s Deceptive Ways and Avoiding Them as a Child of God

Recent audiobook release ‘Dragon Slayers’ from Audiobook Network author Dr. Tania Wiseman is a powerful and informative teaching on the various ways in which Satan’s ways tempt followers of God every day and how to fight back against his evil forces. By creating a discussion around Biblical scripture, Wiseman shows how God’s word can be used in everyday life to protect oneself against sin.

SEYMOUR, Ind. – July 29, 2022 – (

Dr. Tania Wiseman, a graduate of missionary ministries from the Kings Cross Victory Bible College and the founder of Faith in Flight jail ministry and bible ministry, has completed her new audiobook “Dragon Slayers”: a fascinating look at how one can fight back against Satan and his forces by applying Biblical teachings to one’s daily life.

“When I was a child, my grandfather Claude Polley Sr. would tell me stories of Bible heroes,” shares Wiseman. “He called them dragon slayers. I would be a warrior, a dragon slayer, one day. That was what he would always say.

“This book is dedicated to all the dragon slayers, warriors. Its purpose is to help you to understand who you are in Christ and to believe what the Word says about you. Walk hand in hand with our beloved Jesus. You are a dragon slayer. Now get dressed and get out there. Dragons are roaming loose.”

Published by Audiobook Network, author Dr. Tania Wiseman’s new audiobook encourages listeners to strengthen their relationships with God and aims at helping one recognize their potential as a child of God. Armed with the knowledge and necessary weapons to fight back against Satan found within Wiseman’s writings, “Dragon Slayers” is the perfect companion for those seeking to follow Jesus into the righteous path of salvation and rebuke those forces which seek to destroy God.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Dragon Slayers” by Dr. Tania Wiseman through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon. 

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Author Dr. Tania Wiseman’s New Audiobook ‘Dragon Slayers’ is a Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Satan’s Deceptive Ways and Avoiding Them as a Child of God

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