Askyolo Set to Become the Largest Financial Derivatives Platform for Retail and Institutional Investors

An international provider of financial trading services, Askyolo Tech offers a range of online trading services geared towards technology in more than 130 countries and regions, including Oceania, Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.

With Askyolo, traders have access to foreign exchange, precious metals, goods, indexes, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and more than 200 commodities, as well as professional services in multiple languages.

With an emphasis on providing traders with better market quotations and transaction execution, Askyolo strives to improve its skills and provide its clients with the best trading environment. A variety of cryptocurrencies can be traded on the platform, including XAU, XAG, USO, and ETH, and BTC will be traded starting July 5th, 2022. 

Askyolo, launched in 2015, allows multiple products to be added to a single account with a flexible and straightforward asset allocation process. Additionally, the platform offers clients a variety of accounts to meet their investment needs, making investment options more flexible. 

In addition to forex, metals, and energy, Askyolo Tech offers a full range of CFD products. A Euro/USD hedging order can be arranged immediately without a single page, delay, or repeated quotation. Furthermore, the company is committed to keeping its servers in top condition and ensuring that its clients can execute transactions quickly and accurately.

Askyolo Tech specializes in trading a wide range of financial derivatives for retail clients and financial institutions and providing CFD for foreign exchange, stocks, indexes, futures, cryptocurrencies, and precious metals and energy. A certificate of accreditation has also been issued to the platform to ensure the funds’ security and reliability.  

In global foreign exchange markets, cases are not rare where unauthorized companies use client funds for personal use. However, client funds must be separately stored from company funds, completely isolated from working company capital, and stored in leading international banks. Only in this way can clients trade securely. 

To ensure that the clients’ funds are not misused, the company stores them in an international bank entirely separate from the company’s working capital to ensure they are protected. 


Company: Askyolo Tech

Contact Person: Jona Tan

Email: [email protected]


Telephone: +44 7361085986

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Source: Digital Journal