Askyolo- An innovative and industry-leading platform is available now

Founded in 2015, Askyolo Tech is a multi-disciplinary company in scientific research and finance worldwide.

The platform aims to provide traders with the best trading conditions through an industry-leading and innovative platform that consistently delivers superior brokerage, administrative staff, and clearing services and a safe and transparent financial derivatives marketplace for clients.


Dedicated to providing investors with a global trading platform that transcends geographical boundaries, Askyolo Tech has earned high marks from the industry for its high quality of service and consistent security since its inception. In addition, it has been praised in a wide range of areas and has won several awards. 

Currently, the company has 15 local offices in over 130 countries and territories outside the United States, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. It offers clients around-the-clock online trading support and around-the-clock customer service.??

Among the many trading options offered by Askyolo Tech, customers can choose from foreign currencies, stocks, precious metals, energy, and other futures. In addition, traders can trade more than 200 financial products worldwide through one account, providing a one-stop, high-performance, low-latency trading experience. 

The Askyolo Tech platform allows clients to trade the markets promptly, and each account can participate in all market transactions. In addition, with Askyolo, traders have access to market quotes and the opportunity to execute trades with a better level of service. 

Besides Forex, metals, and energy, Askyolo Tech also offers competitive products. The platform is the world’s most popular MT4/MT5 platform due to its low spreads on EUR/USD. In addition to ensuring fast order execution, it provides a smooth and stable operation without slippages or delays. 

Askyolo Tech is governed by the National Futures Association, an industry authority that is a not-for-profit membership organization established in 1976 as a self-regulatory organization for the futures industry under Section 17 of the U.S. 

Client funds are held in segregated bank accounts authorized by the regulator, separate from Askyolo’s operating funds. To protect investor funds, the platform employs a variety of security measures.

Askyolo Tech has partnered with industry-leading trading technology companies to provide a trading environment and advanced trading tools, including market depth, internal market spread monitoring, stepped trading technology, and automated selling of custom templates. 

The Meta Trader platform is the world’s leading platform for providing clients with different trading support levels. In addition, the trading application has been optimized for iPhone and Android mobile devices to provide the best mobile trading experience.


Company: Askyolo Tech 

Contact Person: Jona Tan

Email: [email protected] 


Telephone: +44 7361085986 

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