Amazing Graze Flowers Shares Tips to Keep House Plants Thriving During Winter

During the winter months, house plants are subjected to low light, short days, dry heated air and chilly temperatures. As their growing habits change, indoor gardening tasks must change too.

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According to Amazing Graze Flowers, which offers same-day flower delivery in Melbourne, the drastic change in conditions inside the home during winter can have a huge impact on house plants. The leading local florist shares their top tips for keeping indoor plants thriving throughout winter.

Overwatering plants at any time of the year is never good and this is an especially easy mistake to make during winter, explains Amazing Graze Flowers. The plant roots need air, so before reaching for the watering can, it’s advised to check the soil – it should be dry about two inches down, not just on the surface. When watering plants, the water should be drained out of the bottom, rather than letting the pot sit in a saucer of water.

As plants are dormant during winter, Amazing Graze Flowers recommends holding the fertiliser. To accommodate the low light levels, leafy plants should be wiped clean of any dust and plants should be moved around so they receive maximum light and warmth. Keeping them away from heaters, drafts and cold windows will help them to adapt to the change in weather. To combat dry indoor air, grouping plants together will increase humidity. 

Late winter is the optimal time to prune houseplants to encourage new growth, says Amazing Graze Flowers. As winter draws to a close, it’s also a good idea to refresh the soil. If the plant is pot bound, break up the root ball a bit and replace the pot with one slighter larger. 

Ensuring the right plants are bought for the space and conditions is necessary to ensure they thrive all year round. Amazing Graze Flowers sells a range of low maintenance indoor plants suitable for a variety of conditions, including rubber fig plants, fiddle leaf figs, Zanzibar’s, peace lilies and more. 

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Amazing Graze Flowers Shares Tips to Keep House Plants Thriving During Winter

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