Abogada Julia’s Work Helps Those Smuggled For Unfair Work

Orlando, FL, United States – 07-24-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Abogada Julia, the founding member of GF Immigration Law, continues to help human trafficking victims all around the United States. While individuals are trafficked for various reasons, many come to the United States while being smuggled in for unfair work.

In the last few years, Abogada Julia has focused on fighting for the rights of immigrants who’ve gone through these terrible experiences. As she continues to work toward consistent solutions, her firm focuses on successfully helping victims apply for a T-Visa. 

This non-immigrant visa provides much-needed relief for survivors who have dealt with doing their share of unfair work. T-Visa recipients not only get to stay in the United States and have the ability to work, but they can provide the same level of protection for their immediate family. 

It also offers the opportunity to apply for a Green Card 1 to 3 years after receiving a T-Visa. 

How do immigrants get caught up in human trafficking? 

Every case is slightly different, but a common tactic involves coyotes tricking people into thinking they are safe. But instead of being safe, they come to a foreign land and instantly get put to work for little to no pay and limited rights. 

Instead of living the American dream, they’re forced to act similarly to a modern-day enslaved person. Traffickers consistently try to rob victims of as many rights as possible. 

Abogada Julia comes across many immigrants who still don’t understand how a T-Visa is possible. Without the knowledge that it exists, many are left without it. GF Immigration Law and her do what they can to keep the public educated.

In related news, Abogada Julia is also highly focused on helping stop human trafficking as much as possible. Raising knowledge on possible indicators is one way to go about that. 

As coyotes try and find new ways to smuggle in immigrants through human trafficking to care for unfair work, some cases might not be entirely obvious.

GF Immigration Law offers solutions for all clients, reaching out for assistance. They are also one of the top options providing pro bono opportunities for those without sufficient funds. 

GF Immigration Law is available to take on new cases at all times. The main office is in Miami, FL, but her firm can conduct virtual consultations and calls anywhere in the United States. 

About Abogada Julia

Abogada Julia is the founding member of GF Immigration Law, PA. Helping clients navigate the immigration process after going through a human trafficking case, the firm strives to change lives and provide peace of mind. 

Abogada Julia believes in offering quick solutions to immigrants needing assistance in all 50 states. Law firms without a specialization in immigration law can’t match what’s offered by GF Immigration Law for particular human trafficking cases.

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