5 Things to Know if You Are Remodeling Your Home This Winter

When you think about the perfect time of year to start your home remodeling projects, winter is probably not the first season that comes to mind. However, the colder months may be just right depending on where you live and the types of designs you’re considering. 

If you’re thinking about outdoor construction or remodeling for your home, you and your contractor will have to rely on the right weather conditions. However, in a more climate-controlled space, you may be able to do more at a fraction of the cost. 

Here are five things you should know about remodeling your home during the winter. 

  • Home Additions

Believe it or not, moderate, cooler months are a prime time to add a room to your house. Contractors may find it easier to repair or pour foundation when the ground is dry but not frozen over. However, pouring concrete and laying frames may be more difficult if the earth is saturated or rock-solid.

Homeowners looking to build an addition onto their home should plan to do so earlier in the winter. Once the foundation is poured, the crew can quickly move indoors to complete the rest of the work. 

Home additions are ideal for the winter because there tends to be less precipitation. Dryer weather means your contractor can work longer hours to finish the project. It also helps prevent water damage to any uncovered structures before the new roof is installed. 

  • Interior Paint

While you can certainly paint the interior of your house at any time of year, the winter months can make ventilation a challenge. Experts recommend using low volatile organic compound (VOC) paints, which emit fewer fumes than traditional versions. 

Although they dry faster when there’s less humidity, interior paints are usually formulated for use at specific temperatures. Crack a window open and turn on a fan to ventilate the room during colder weather while maintaining the right temperature for indoor paint. 

Other factors to consider when painting during the winter include:

  • Whether you plan to hire a contractor to paint for you
  • The type of paint you’re using — oil paints usually dry unevenly in colder temperatures
  • How much time it will take to complete your painting project
  • Attic Insulation

Keeping your house warm during the winter is usually very expensive if you live in a cold climate. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that American households will spend 30% more on natural gas heating this winter than last year.

Homeowners looking for a winter remodeling project may want to consider appropriately insulating their attic or crawl space. Insulation is a quick and straightforward update you can make to your home, and it’s also a cost-effective way to save up to 20% on your heating bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.  

An insulated attic can help stabilize your home’s temperatures in summer, also helping to reduce cooling costs. 

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades

You may be more inclined to stay cooped up indoors where it’s warm when the temperatures drop. Of course, you shouldn’t let that stop you from upgrading your kitchen and bathrooms to give your home plenty of style and flair.

Homeowners may consider installing new countertops or cabinetry in their kitchen. A unique tile backsplash can add a pop of color and change the aesthetic of your eat-in area, as well. 

Winter renovations could include putting in new floors or updating the shower in bathrooms. It’s also good to replace old faucets to conserve water and reduce costs. 

You may find that contractors have more time to fit your larger remodeling projects into their schedules during the winter. Since it tends to be a slower season for work, you can likely hire someone to finish your projects sooner.

  • Reduced Costs 

Did you know that holiday bargains go beyond clothing and new cars? Many home improvement stores also offer discounts on materials, appliances and home decor. Remodelers may want to wait for winter to begin their home renovations to take advantage of these deals. 

Negotiating prices with contractors in the winter can be easier than during the spring, summer or fall. 

Winter is also the perfect time to knock out your renovations if you’re looking to sell your home. The real estate market typically picks up in the spring and summer, with buyers waiting to move until their kids are out of school. Scheduling your projects for the winter means you can have them completed by the time you’re ready to list your home. 

Winter Renovations That Are Ready for Spring

Imagine being finished with your renovation projects when the weather warms up. While winter remodels may face delays or get in the way of holiday activities, getting things done by the spring and summer will allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy your upgrades sooner.

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