4 Reasons to Move to Oregon

Oregon is known for its breath-taking scenery and natural beauty but it offers much more. Located in the Pacific Northwest, it’s a state that suits anybody and everybody.

The state of Oregon is one of the most desirable to move to in the whole of the United States. No matter which area of the state you choose to settle in, you will have no regrets.

There are plenty of amazing Grant Pass Oregon houses for sale for families of all sizes. Whether you’re moving by yourself, with a partner, or with a large family, you will be able to find the perfect property for your needs.

Here are four reasons why you should consider moving to the state of Oregon.

  • Stunning Scenery

If you adore heading outside and being surrounded by the beauty of nature, there’s no state that compares to Oregon. It is known for its stunning outdoor scenery and peaceful nature trails. It’s home to several different lakes, mountains, and forests that are brimming with life.

Crate Lake is a popular destination in the central area of the state. It is the deepest lake in the whole of the United States, extending down by almost 2,000 feet.

Oregon also houses Alford Desert, which is found towards the Southeast of the state. It’s a stunning place that is perfect for the keen photographers out there. 

  • No Sales Tax

Oregon is one of the few states in America that does not have any sales tax, alongside Alaska, New Hampshire, Delaware, and Montana. This makes shopping much easier as you can calculate the exact amount that you’re spending before you head to the checkout.

With the lack of sales tax, you can enjoy buying pricier items without the added taxes. It will be much easier to track your expenses and save money if this is your aim. 

  • Amazing Coastline

For those of you who enjoy spending time by the beach, Oregon is the perfect place for you. It’s got a stunning coastline that stretches around 360 miles and is accessible all year round.

You can enjoy sunbathing during the summer or take part in sports, such as surfing or longboarding. The whole family will have fun relaxing or playing all day by the ocean, breathing in the fresh air and catching a tan.

  • Varied Weather

If you enjoy experiencing different seasons, with warm and cold weather, you will love the Oregon weather. The state receives a range of different weather conditions, including rain, snow, and sunshine.

Oregon experiences all four seasons but to a lesser extent as some of the other states in America. You’ll be able to feel the crisp and cool air during winter, and play in the snow with your kids. But you’ll also be able to enjoy long days out in the hot sun during summer time.

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