12 Ideas Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, no matter who you choose to spend it with. Whether you happen to have a special somebody in your life, you are coming up on your very first Valentine’s Day with your partner, you want to spend a fantastic day with your friends or you want to spice things up this year, there are so many fantastic ideas to have a unique and personalized Valentine’s Day that you might never expect. Although you can always go out to dinner and get somebody flowers, you can also go a little bit beyond the classics in order to create a truly special moment that you’ll never forget. Here are some perfect ideas for Valentine’s Day this year.

  • Spend Quality Time

If you’ve heard of the five love languages, and quality time is one of them. Sometimes, Valentine’s Day is a big, special day for plenty of people. However, not everyone wants to go all out every year. Simply by spending quality time together, you can make the day special.

  • Have a Spa Day

If you want to have a special day of relaxation with your friends or the one you love, you should head to the spa and have a great time with whoever you want! Book a treatment or two or even have an at-home spa day with face masks and bubble baths — which can save you money and be a great, comfortable time.

  • Go for a Weekend Away

If you want to take a little bit of time truly away from the world together, you can take a weekend away and spend some quality time with one another wherever you want to go. If you live in a city, try to get outside of the city and the other way around! Your options are endless.

  • Personalized Gifts

Knowing someone really well has its perks, and one of those perks is being able to find gifts that really suit them. Of course, candy and flowers are always nice, but getting a little bit more personal is always a great idea for someone you care a lot about. Everything from jewelry to books can become a personalized gift if you want it to.

  • Cook Dinner Together

Cooking dinner together can be extremely romantic. Even though you can do this on any day, why not set aside a special recipe to try together on Valentine’s Day? You can make a classic favorite that you both love or something entirely new for both of you.

  • …Or Make Dessert Together

If you’d rather get a little bit more creative than cooking dinner together, you could also make dessert together, or have one of you supply dinner and the other supply dessert. This can be a great opportunity for a little bit of teamwork and give you space to surprise one another. Again, you can try out an old favorite recipe, or you could go for something entirely different.

  • Have a Movie Night

If all you want to do on Valentine’s Day is cozy up, you can have a movie night for a night in. You can watch a romantic movie if you want to tug on your heartstrings, but you can also pick something that’s personal to you if you aren’t a big fan of romantic flicks. Go for a scary movie or something silly if all you want to do is have a simple movie night.

  • Go Dancing

You and your partner can definitely put your dancing shoes on and go out for a little bit of a night on the town. Show each other off! Or, show off your friends and have a great time together as a group!

  • Stay In Dancing

If you don’t feel like going out on the town, you can always have a night in and plan a dance party for you and your closest friends or for you and your partner. This can be a great idea for people who would rather not show off their moves in public.

  • Learn Something New

If you want to have a personally productive Valentine’s Day, you can always commit to taking a class or learning something new together. Whether you want to go out with your friends or rock it solo, you can head to a cooking class, a dance class or any other class you’re curious about.

  • Play In the Snow

If you still have snow on the ground wherever you are, why not use it to your advantage this Valentine’s Day and head out for a little bit of whimsy? Playing in the snow is something that you don’t often get to do as an adult, so take a little bit of time to enjoy it.

  • Explore Your Own City

Whether you’re brand new to the city that you live in or you’ve been there all your life, it can be totally romantic and fun to explore your own city and play tourist for a little while. See what kind of attractions your hometown has to offer!

Ideas for a Perfect Valentine’s Day

No matter who you plan to spend this special day with, there are so many fun ways that you can spend Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to go all out or you want to have a little bit more of a chill night, there are so many options to make this day amazing!

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