10 Foods You Should Never Let People Eat In Your Car

When it comes to maintaining a car, there are two types of people: those who don’t allow food in the vehicle, and those who let anything go.

If you’re in the latter group, it’s worth limiting a few types of food to keep your car tidy. After all, some things can easily be picked up and tossed out, while others need a deep cleaning to remove.

Here are ten foods you should never let people eat in your car.

Fried Chicken

There’s nothing like grabbing a bucket of fried chicken for a road trip or when acting as a designated driver for your friends. However, this tasty treat is one of the biggest offenders for stains, thanks to the grease that can permeate upholstery and leave a mark.

According to Fortador USA, grease stains can be removed with a high-powered steam cleaner. However, it’s worth skipping fried chicken—or any food that requires wet wipes— when in a vehicle.


You may think of gummy candy as a safe option as it doesn’t leave any crumbs. However, these can easily be dropped and smooshed into the carpeted floor of your car. Additionally, if one of these delicious snacks gets left on the seat in the summer, it will melt in and create quite the mess.

Jelly beans are another candy to avoid when in the vehicle.


When was the last time you ate a burger and had it stay intact the entire time? The more loaded the burger, the more likely you are to drop a saucy tomato or ketchup-covered lettuce on the floor. Between their instability and the messy fingers, burgers are best left outside of your car.


The main problem with chocolate is how quickly it becomes a melted mess in a warm vehicle. If you leave a chocolate bar in the car, it will turn into sticky lava.


Donuts, croissants, and pastries are a quick and easy snack to grab from a coffee shop on the way to work or on a road trip. However, pastries tend to be flaky, filled with jam, or covered in powdered sugar and sprinkles. In other words, they’re a messy explosion waiting to happen.


Tacos are a messy food even when sitting still at a dining room table. It’s not uncommon for the toppings to fall out the back, the top, or even the bottom of a taco shell. If you’re thinking of swinging through the Taco Bell drive-thru, wait to eat until you get home.

Ice Cream and Popsicles

There’s nothing like an ice cream cone or popsicle to cap off a summer day spent at the beach. However, these start to disintegrate the moment you get in a hot car. The juice from popsicles becomes a sticky mess that’s near impossible to clean without paying a professional, and the dairy from ice cream adds a nice spoiled milk smell after a few days.


When you get down to it, a sub is like a longer version of a burger. Even if you keep the bottom wrapped, the insides tend to work their way out one way or another. If you’re hitting a sub shop during a road trip, consider having it made with a wrap or tortilla instead.

Watermelon and Pineapple

There are plenty of fruit options that are great for eating in the car. Berries, in particular, are easy to pack and manage in a vehicle. These are great healthy options that can keep you satisfied.

On the other hand, watermelon and pineapple should be left outside. These fruits tend to be extra juicy and sticky, replicating a popsicle’s effects when they drip into the upholstery.


Finally, granola and hard granola bars might be great for a snack while hiking, but they should be kept in your backpack until you’re on the trail. Hard granola inevitably goes everywhere and is just sticky enough to do some damage.

When you’re on the road, stick to things like nuts, berries, and wraps to fuel your adventure.

Source: ArticleCube